Sunday, 23 December 2012


Your mind is as wide as your imagination. Your mind is an ocean where thoughts play with every form of distractions ,fears and tears and wears.But you are going to captain your thoughts,fears,tears,wears and distractions and be the ONE in charge.
In the bible Abraham a biblical legend was once told by God to LOOK UP! So while you are lost, come back with anticipation and do likewise. Look Up! for as far as your eyes can see and whatever you can imagine positively with your mind is yours to own and possess you know.
When you look you will have the ability and courage to see what is ahead of you, happening around you and what is yours.
What are you hoping to see ? Funnily when some people are on the move they often look down instead of ahead of them. Do you know that when you look ahead of you, the things you see may not be clear until you get closer? But no matter how you assess it, looking up gives you a leverage of, and over what is going to happen.It prepares you for what you are going to do next. So l am asking now are you going to LOOK UP AND AHEAD or are you just going wait till when its about happen and somebody else takes it all?

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